• What is Vermont Simple House and why is it unique?  

The plan selling industry is ripe for innovation and change.  The VSH model takes a traditional plan selling service to a higher level of quality and service. We will continually strive to improve this business model. We specialize in high performance homes with a traditional New England based feel that is at once both traditional and very modern as well as simple in form and sensible in size.

  • What is a high performance house?

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  • Availability to answer questions

Bob@VermontSimpleHouse.com will be the best way to reach out and get a quick answer.  Contact me via email to set up a time to talk.

  • What is included with the plans

A complete plans set in PDF format is typically available for immediate download.  Most plans are sold with additional information including a well organized sketchup model.  After purchasing, we will send the additional information via email or google docs.  the VSH series of plans will include a full color set of plans printed and mailed.

  • Process of Ordering

Plans can be purchased directly from this website via the secure checkout option.  Alternatively, checks or money orders can be mailed to Vermont Simple House at 72 Cotton Mill Hill, Brattleboro, Vermont 05301

  • Changes

Contact VSH via email to begin the conversation.  We will review and discuss the changes to develop the best solution and develop an estimate for the amount of time it will take to complete the changes and when we can complete the necessary drawings and/or adjustments to the sketchup model.  Changes to VSH plans not covered within the consulting time offered with some plans are billed at a standard hourly rate of $120.  When our estimate is accepted the next step is to purchase the plans along with 50% of the cost of the time quoted for additional modifications.  Upon completion we will contact you and request the final balance for the modification work before releasing the final modified PDF plan set.

  • Flipping Plans

Reversing plans is possible!  and much easier than in the old days of hand drafting but it still takes some time.  The fee for a simple flipping of plans is an additional $400 payable by check or money order.

  • What is included in a typical plan set

With the exception of VSH2, Plans are complete for permitting, pricing and construction.  Local codes may vary in terms of additional engineering required.  The plans are what you would typically get from an architecture or design studio minus the intensive design process.

Plans include:

  • Cover Sheet
  • Floor plans - dimensioned, cross referenced and annotated VSH4 plans are at 1/2" scale.
  • foundation plan and details - typically for a full basement. (an example of a simple modification might be adapting the design for a sloped site with a walk-out basement.
  • Floor and roof framing plans
  • Building sections and details
  • Exterior elevations and window schedule
  • roof and porch trim - many plans offer two options
  • Interior elevations of kitchens and bathrooms (not all plans)
  • Basic Electrical plans - excellent for estimating but we recommend walking through the house after it is completely framed with your electrician and fine tuning the plan.
  • Window and Door details and installation suggestions - this is an important area of high performance design,  We have simplified details as much as possible through experience and there are many additional resources we can recommend. (hint: great way to spend your additional consulting time!)


  • Are there discounts for multiple purchases?

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